How To Delete BBM Contact On iPhone or Android Devices

So now you have added a few contacts onto your BBM app of which some have started bugging you and you would like to delete them or alternately block them from spamming you. Well, just follow the following steps and get rid of those spammers for good. This works both on iPhone and Android.




1. Open your App and tap on contacts list.

2. Touch and hold a name.

3. Tap Delete. delete-bbm-contact

4. To prevent the person from being able to send you invitations in BBM, select the Block Future Invitations checkbox.

5. Tap Delete and you’re done.


Ace London


Ace London

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  3. sam says:

    i love bbm so much ..

    • Admin says:

      So do we. Do check out our post on the best bbm tips ‘n tricks as well.

  4. Buks says:

    Sorry I didn’t get this done on any of Android Samsung s2,s3,or note3
    I can delete a chatt but not a contact
    The buttons you describe don’t exist

  5. Damn says:

    I didn’t saw delete in my samsung note 2

  6. thank u. because never tap & hold. some bc contacts deleted

  7. ayub says:

    thank u. because never tap+hold. some bc contacts deleted

  8. Michelle Lyons says:

    I cant delete a contact on bbm using galaxy 3

  9. kajezha says:

    Tnx it really works

  10. Miss jojo says:

    Thank you so much for your help

  11. bola says:

    tnk u, it works…i feel relieved getting some one off.

  12. Sadiya says:

    If u block a contract on bbm on iPod & then when u delete the app & log back in all the blocked contracts are gone so how do we unblock them pls pls help

  13. Nachamada says:

    Thanks, this was quite helpful!

  14. leo says:

    I can’t do that on my device samsung note 2. Thks

  15. toyin says:

    Pls can’t delete a contact on my samsung ace is absurd. Pls find a solution fast

  16. Nevissa Sabrina KArim says:

    Now I can delete contact in my android.

  17. b says:

    wonderful – now how about giving some tips that actually work/use buttons that exist….

  18. Chacha says:

    How to block only without delete the contact??

  19. Berdine Henning says:

    thank you thank you. and again thank you. I’m new to galaxy and can’t understand that you can’t delete a bb contact. It’s unheard off, so glad a clicked on your site. Now I am a happy chappy. hehehehe

  20. julie says:

    I can’t delete bbm contact on my galaxy s3 please help delete button not found x

  21. shenn says:

    Thanks it really work on my samsung note 2 after a year I keep trying to delete I nver saw any delete option on bbm apps after I read this article I try follow the instructions finally I can delete it

    Thanks so much

  22. dawn says:

    I can’t delete from my samsung galaxy 4

  23. vera says:

    I don’t want to delete the person. I just don’t want them to see any of my post.what do I do?

  24. leone says:

    BBM is more or less a scrap …I can’t just temporarily block This prickster ….From waking me up by 04:00

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