Wearable Technology At 2014 CES

Wearable technology is going to be a biggie this year. From health monitors and fitness trackers to temperature-adjusting jackets and flying dresses, wearable technology is revolutionizing how we use our everyday electronics. We got hold of a great infographic for you here that explores what CES has to offer. Check it out after the break.



Ace London


Ace London

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  3. […] Wearables are now a huge trend. The focus in the current wearable market is clearly on wrist-mounted devices, whether they are smartwatches, fitness bands, or a combination of the two. Wearable fitness technology has been around for a few years now, with Nike+ making fitness tracking tech in collaboration with Apple, later succeeded by the popular FuelBand. But we recently came across a simple yet powerful tool from Samsung which is a bit more. […]

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