10 Things To Know Before You Buy Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung went mainstream with its wearable Galaxy Gear last year. The company launched Gear with its flagship phablet the Galaxy Note 3. Gear needs to be paired via Bluetooth with a high-end Samsung Galaxy smartphone (Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, S4 and S3 running with Android 4.3) before one can use it. Samsung has also recently slashed the price of the smartwatch. Could this be the right time to get a smartwatch for yourself? Is the Galaxy Gear the right smartwatch we’ve been waiting for? The following facts and features will help you decide.


1. Can make calls
2. Can be used as a media controller
3. Can click pictures
4. Provides notifications
5. Has built-in Pedometer


6. Looks big
7. Mediocre battery life
8. Doesn’t work with non-Samsung devices
9. Lacks good third-party apps
10. Not modular


Ace London


Ace London

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