iMedia Player #App – Play Any Format Video & Audio on iPhone

Do you hate it when you know your iPhone/iPod/iPad cannot support other video/audio format? Or do you hate the inconvenient and time-consuming hassle of trying to convert your video/audio formats to fit into one that your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch can support?

Well we have an answer for you. Presenting the iMedia Player App for iPhone. iMedia Player can play almost any video file format such as avi, mkv, wmv and any audio file formats such as flac, ogg, wma without converting hassles. All you need to do is copy files to iMedia Player documents via USB or via WiFi then play it and even you can play a video/audio file from your MAC directly without copying.

Supported File Format Extension


Video Player

High quality video playback:

  • Up to Full HD quality (1920×1080 pixels) for MP4, MOV, M4V and MPV files.
  • Up to HD 720p quality (1280×720 pixel) for MKV, AVI, FLV, … files on iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 2012.
  • Up to DV quality (720×576 pixels) for MKV, AVI, FLV, … files on iPhone 4, iPod 3, iPod 4, iPad 1.
  • Swipe left/right to move to backward/forward.
  • TV out ( iPhone4, iPod4, iPhone4S, iPad)
  • Airplay: Airplay mirroring with iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and later.
  • Support HTTP streaming: play a video file on your MAC directly via Web Sharing.

Audio Player

  • Play all audio files in a folder as a playlist
  • Repeating and Shuffling.
  • Audio playback continue with the screen locked and even you close the app.
  • Airplay support (iOS 4.2 and later)
  • Show album cover (if available)
USB/WIFI Transfer


Free – Download
Size: 15.2 MB
Language: English
Developer: Pham Tuan Minh © Viet Mobile

4 comments On iMedia Player #App – Play Any Format Video & Audio on iPhone

  • I just installed this on my iPhone 3GS running ios 6.0.1 and I cannot use it at all because iTunes still will not let me put .avi or divx files on my phone! What use it is if you can’t put the files it will play on the phone to play them????

    • After you install the app on iPhone

      1. connect iPhone with iTunes and select it.

      2. click on >> Apps

      3. scroll down to >> Files sharing

      4. click on >> iMedia player

      5. then on the right side below select >> Add..

      thats it.

  • So far this app seems great, but does it really play high res flac (24bit-96khz) which is how i want to use it. The files transfer and play but are they downsampled for playback. I can’t tell the difference 😉

  • Pham: Very nicely designed app, the transfer capability is great. I’d love to pay you for it, but I get no sound on playback. I do hope your working on this.

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