Flow On The New BBX / Blackberry 10 OS [Video]

Research In Motion exhibited new key BlackBerry 10 features during its BlackBerry Jam Developers Conference. These include a new feature to help users keep track of all their running applications and a message center that lets users manage messages sent through multiple accounts.Many other features were also displayed.

The first big feature, BlackBerry Flow, provides a series of minimized windows on users’ screens that show them all the apps they’re currently running, and it lets them easily flip through them without having to return to a central home screen and clicking on separate icons. Something on the likes of Nokia N9

BlackBerry Hub, on the other hand, is a one-stop message center that lets users handle messages from multiple email accounts, BlackBerry Messenger, social networking sites and text messages all in one location. The Hub also serves as an event notification center that lets users know when they have an appointment of a meeting coming up and also gives them a list of any of their contacts slated to attend.

On a final note RIM said that the BlackBerry App World store will start selling music, movies and television shows just as the Apple App Store and Google Play shop currently do.

BlackBerry 10 is still scheduled for release in early 2013. RIM will start accepting submissions for BlackBerry 10 applications on October 10th. Catch the video below. For more on the BBX project visit blogs.blackberry.com


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