Get Google Maps For iPhone 5 / iOS 6 Devices


If you too like us are using iPhone 5 running iOS 6 and are having trouble with the new in-built Maps client, then this might just be the right thing for you. You can still use the good old Google Maps on your iOS 6 device. Just follow the simple steps below to get it working. No jailbreaking needed 😀


1. Open Safari.

2. Type in the address bar.

3. Tap on the arrow button.

4. Tap on Add To Home Screen.

5. Give your web app a name, viz. “Google Maps”.

Thats it. you’re done. Enjoy Google Maps on your iOS 6 device.

` Bonus: To get Nokia Maps on your iPhone / iOS 6 Device edit Step 2 with

* There are some limitations to this service.

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