[Tip] What to do if your iPhone will not turn on?

This has probably happened to everyone at some time. You press the Power button on your iPhone 5 and nothing happens. Usually, you can get this solved easily.


Possible Causes:

  1. Either your battery has run down, or
  2. iOS has “crashed” and needs to be rebooted.
  3. On rare occasion the firmware has been corrupted.



The following steps will usually get your phone working again in a few seconds:

1. Make sure your battery has not drained. Unless you are absolutely certain that there is plenty of charge left on the battery, connect the phone to a wall charger for at least 15 minutes. If it was just a low battery the phone will come on by itself. If it doesn’t go to step 2. (Try different chargers and cables to isolate the problem.)


2. Hold the Home and Power at the same time. An Apple logo should appear in 10 – 20 seconds. Release both buttons, wait about a minute, and your phone should be back to normal.


If absolutely nothing happens after step 2 either your phone is broken, your cable is defective, or your charger has failed. Take all of them to an Apple store for diagnosis.


Note: If you get an error message, or you see a picture of a USB plug and iTunes, you will need to restore your phone with iTunes. This, fortunately, is a very rare occurrence.

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  • i love my iphone 5 so much, and it died yesterday, since my charger also broke last night. i went and bought a new one. its had been plugged in the wall for about an hour and will not turn on. i also tried to reboot it by using the home button, and the the upper corner button on the right side, it wont turn on. i now have plugged it into the computer. im just now waiting to see what happens.

  • press power button first and then press home screen button at the same time

  • my iphone 5 only turns on the battery only shows and then it why it does’nt turn on completely what do i do i bought a new charger!!!someone help me please

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