25 Best Blackberry Z10 Tips & Tricks to make Your Life Easy + Bonus Tips by Pro Users

Are you new to Blackberry and have just gotten yourself a Blackberry Z10? Now you’re finding your way along and getting to know the new BB10 ecosystem, or  are you already a Blackberry pro? Well here are some of the coolest tips and tricks you can work with and make your life easy with the new Blackberry 10 OS devices. If you happen to have some more tips you would like to share, well then just comment along and lets others know your hidden talent. Follow us of facebook and twitter for more updates.


1. Capture more photos when running low on battery by disabling the Camera Flash.

2. Prepping for meetings just got easier. Use the Activity view in the Contacts App to view recent interactions with a colleague.

3. Save some battery life by adjusting your screen brightness and screen lock timeout values by tapping Settings >> Display.

4. Bedside mode can be enabled through the Clock application, or by swiping down from the Lock screen.

5. Tap the search engine icon in the top right corner of the Browser to change your default search engine.

6. Changing payment options in BlackBerry World is easy. Swipe down from the top, tap Settings >> Payment Options.

7. Want to sort contacts by Company or Last Name instead of First Name? Open Contacts, swipe down from the top & tap Settings.

8. To highlight a single list item without opening it, tap and hold the item.

9. Speed, Time, Volume and more is easy to convert. Open the Calculator, swipe down fro the top and select Unit Converter.

10. To quickly view your Browsers’ History, tap the hub menu to the left of the address bar and select History.

11. Need to scan a QR code in BlackBerry World? Swipe down from the top and select Scan Barcode.

12. Share the web instantly by tapping the action menu in your Browser and selecting Share.

13. Easily control Spell Check settings on your device by tapping Settings >> Language and Input >> Spell Check.

14. Need to see what arrived while composing a email? Slide your finger in from the left to view the Hub

15. Switch to Silent mode quickly when on the Home screen by swiping down from the top and tap the Notification icon.

16. Looking for your PIN? Open BBM and tap your profile picture to view your PIN, and BBM Barcode.

17. Can’t remember your phone number? Open the Phone, swipe down from the center of the screen to view your number.

18. Need to adjust the bass and treble of your calls? Open the Phone, swipe down from top, select Settings >> Call Audio.

19. Controlling which devices can access your shared media is easy. Tap Settings >> Media Sharing >> Devices.

20. Need to go incognito? Turn on Private Browsing in the Browser Settings menu to prevent your history from being saved.

21. Change a contact picture quickly by tapping on their current picture in the Contacts App then selecting a another picture.

22. While inside BlackBerry Hub, tap the down arrow on the top right of the screen to access or search for different folders.

23. The BlackBerry 10 Browser supports Adobe Flash. Enable Adobe Flash by navigating to your Browser Settings >> Display and Actions.

24. To minimize an app at any given time, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

25. Need to view a specific Calendar only? In the Calendar swipe down from the top and use the Manage option.



Bonus Tips:

1. To quickly navigate between panels, while on the Home screen, tap and hold the panel indicator, then slide from left to right.

2. While your device is locked, from the Lock screen swipe down from the top to access the Clock and enter Bedside Mode.

3. Personalize your Calendar using colors. Open Calendar, swipe down from the top, tap Settings >> Calendar Colors.

4. To re-arrange Home screen icons, tap and hold the icon for 5 seconds, then tap and drag the icon to a new location.


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