Tips for Nokia Lumia 920 – Battery Life Efficiency

We have relentlessly sourced the web combined together with our own experience into this post to provide you with tips and tricks to enjoy your Nokia Lumia 920 to the full. From battery issues to pictures to live tiles to apps, we have covered all the basic topics to help you get the most out of your Lumia devices. If you have your own snazzy tips, do share them with us.

Nokia Lumia 920
  1. Resetting your device after a “Major” firmware update can increase performance. (Because this will trigger a re-calibration of the battery over a number of charge cycles.) Note: Backup your device first!
  2. High brightness settings of screen will use more energy and influence battery life. You can set the brightness to optimum level.
  3. Many free Apps display ads which are sent to your phone while using the app. As a regular connection is required for these ads, this results in more battery consumption.
  4. Mail servers, synchronizing social media, contact and calendar data, live tiles and background tasks all require more energy if these are performed more frequently, thus you can change this to manual or decrease the frequency.
  5. Use a car charger on the go when using HERE Maps. Nokia Maps (HERE Maps) and Nokia Drive will require a lot more energy as they use multiple features of your phone like the GPS receiver for a prolonged period of time.
  6. Turn on Battery Saver. Select Settings > battery saver. Note: when Battery Saver is on, your phone will no longer automatically receive email and calendar updates, update some Live Tiles and allow apps to run in the background.
  7. Use the Back key to close the app rather than leaving it active in the background. This is save battery life.
  8. Set the screen switch off after 30 seconds. On the start screen, swipe left, and select Settings > Lock+wallpaper (lock screen) > Screen times out.
  9. Switch Bluetooth on only when you need it. Select Settings > Bluetooth.
  10. Use a WiFi connection to connect to the internet, rather than a mobile data (GPRS or 3G) connection. Stop your phone scanning for available Wi-Fi networks if those are not available. Select Settings > WiFi > Off.
  11. When you are finished taking a picture, press the Back key to exit the camera viewfinder.
  12. Reduce the frequency of email synchronization. Select Settings > email+accounts > YourEmail > Download new content.
  13. Switch off location services if not needed – so the phone will not look up your location frequently in the background. Select Settings > location > Off.
  14. Disable unnecessary background applications. On the start screen, swipe left, and select Settings, from settings swipe left to Applications tab > Background tasks.
  15. Use wired headphones, rather than the loudspeaker.
  16. Switch off unwanted sounds and functions, for example Vibrate. Select Settings > ringtones+sounds.
  17. Switch off “connect with Xbox LIVE” when not needed. Select Xbox LIVE > Settings > Connect with Xbox LIVE.
  18. Ensure your phone’s battery is fully charged. Check Settings > battery saver > battery information. Note that older chargers may not fully charge the battery.

Note 1: It is recommended to use the original charger found in the sales package to charge the battery of your phone.

Note 2: Make sure that your phone is running the latest software to get battery related improvements.

Note 3: If the battery drains faster even there is no active feature or applications, try to switch Off the power and then switch back On.


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  • InternationalRelationsXPERT

    Ugh. Even after all this the battery drains worse than the iPhone. i wish I could recondition the battery,nyself but I can’t access the battery.

    • The number 1 reason the battery dips in cause of the screen. more the screen is on, more the battery drains. second most common reason is GPS and Internet. If you can streamline these + a few tips above, you should have good results. My iPhone drains by evening from a full charge to start the day, which was comparable with 920.

  • I’ve done all of that and it still can’t make it past 12 hours before dying out. The battery seems to work fine for about a month, then it begins to drain at a crazy rate. I’m on my second nokia 920 and my third and last is on it’s way. My phone was in my car all morning ( 5 hours) with everything as stated to do with the phone to conserve battery life, and when i checked my phone i had about 50 pct. battery life remaining without ever using the phone.

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