Best Free iPhone 5 Apps for Radiology Residents

1. Radiology 2.0: One Night in the ED

This intuitive teaching file series is perfect for Radiology residents preparing for call, medical students in Radiology, and other physicians interested in learning how to interpret images.

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2. iRadiology

An invaluable learning tool for medical students and residents with little time to spare, iRadiology allows for quick review of classic radiology cases during rounds or clinical rotations. No internet connection required!

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3. radRounds

Perfect for radiologists or medical imaging professionals who are on the run, radRounds Radiology Network is now available on the iPhone as the radRounds – Mobile Lite Edition.




4. Radiology Tutor

Included are calculators such as adrenal washout calculators, RECIST 1.1 and lung cancer staging.

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5. ACR Bulletin

ACR Bulletin is published 10 times a year to keep radiologists informed on current research, advocacy efforts, the latest technology, relevant education courses and programs, and ACR products and services. It provides a forum for members to share lessons learned, news and events, and achievements.

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6. CT Sessions

Siemens Computed Tomography Customer Magazine brings you news from the CT world. This app allows you to download the online magazine to read offline. Articles can be browsed by category and bookmarked for later use. Users can also download PDF files of former editions. Optimized for iPhone and iPad.

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7. RSNA RadioGraphics

RadioGraphics is the premier journal for peer-reviewed educational materials in medical imaging. Each issue features articles across the subspecialty spectrum, plus quality initiatives and informatics.

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8. RSNA Radiology

Radiology is the top peer-reviewed journal for original medical imaging research, authoritative reviews, well-balanced commentary and expert opinion on new techniques and technologies.

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