BlackBerry 10 Tips Of The Month

Here are this months cool tips for our BlackBerry readers. Try them out and let us know if they were helpful. Our earlier posts on Z10 tips can be found here. And as always we look forward to you sharing your Pro Tips with us in the comments below. To know more about BlackBerry 10 Phones click here.


  • You can use §PÉçíÀL Çhà®àÇtÉ®§ on your QWERTY  BlackBerry by holding down a letter key & swiping your trackpad or trackball.
  • Press Alt + Left Shift + H simultaneously to access your BlackBerry smartphone “Help Me” screen.
  • Simply hold down the Shift key to copy the text
  • To reply to all in an email or PIN message on your BlackBerry smartphone, press L.
  • Ever have to dial a 1-800 number with letters using your BlackBerry? Hold ALT while typing the letters and dial.
  • Long email & cant read it all? Close it, open it later & press G, it will take you back to where you left off.
  • Need to insert an at sign (@) or a period (.) in an email address field? Press the Space key.
  • Looking for CAPS lock? Hold the ALT and Right Shift (aA) key. For number lock hold ALT and the left Shift Key.
  • In a Message press the Shift key & the Space key to move up a screen. Press the Space key to move down a screen.
  • Hold the ALT key and press the Left Shift key to lock numbers when typing. Press the Left Shift key again to unlock.


Bonus Tips by Pro Users:

  • For BlackBerry 7.1 users, did you know there is a battery saving mode under Options>Device
  • Make your BlackBerry more secure by adding a Password lock under Options>Security
  • Going into a movie? Forgot to put your BlackBerry to silent? Not to worry, hold the Q key to change to enable Vibrate mode!
  • Want to quickly flag an email on your BlackBerry? Just put the cursor over the message in your inbox and press “W”!

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