Top Camera Tips & Tricks You Should Know About Your HTC One

1. BlinkFeed

Use HTC BlinkFeed to build your own home screen by populating it with information and updates that you want. Since it’s constantly refreshed, you’re always up-to-date.

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2. HTC Zoe

Inject life and emotion into your memories using HTC Zoe. Then, share them right away on HTC Share.

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3. Video Highlights

Video Highlights instantly creates a short movie from your photos and videos that you can immediately share.

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4. Remove unwanted passersby from a photo

You’re taking a picture, but a stranger has strayed into the scene, ruining an otherwise great shot. With Object Removal, it’s a snap to remove passersby and other stray objects.

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5. Tell the whole story in one photo

Get your photos to show more action by creating a Sequence Shot. You can merge up to 5 action pictures to create a unique and dynamic montage.

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6. Capture that great group shot

It’s hard to get everybody posed and ready at the same time. With Always Smile, you can have a group shot that will make everyone happy.

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7. Compose a video with variable speed playback

Add a little drama by slowing down a particular scene. Highlight that dramatic moment by applying variable speed playback.

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8. Turn your phone into a remote control and TV guide

With Sense TV, your phone turns into a remote control for your TV, set-top box, and home theater. You can also access the TV program guide with a single tap.

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