10 Amazing Features of Apple iTunes Radio You Should Know

iTunes Radio is a free Internet radio service featuring over 200 stations and an incredible catalog of music from the iTunes Store. Its customizes stations inspired by the music you already listen to. iTunes Radio evolves based on the music you play and download. The more you use iTunes Radio and iTunes, the more it knows what you like to listen to and the more personalized your experience becomes. iTunes Radio also gives you access to exclusive “first listen” premieres from top selling artists, Siri® integration, plus the ability to tag or buy anything you hear with just one click.


1. Tunes Radio will offer you an incredibly personalized experience on day one based on your listening history and past purchases from iTunes.


2. Siri your Radio. Let Siri make your listening experience even more fun. Ask Siri “Who plays that song?” or “Play more like this” and Siri will make it happen. Say something like “Play Jazz Radio” or ask for any of your existing favorite stations and genres. Shape your stations by telling Siri what you like and don’t like, or tell Siri to pause, stop or skip. You can also have Siri add songs to your Wish List to download later.


3. iTunes Radio is ad-supported and free for everyone. Want it ad-free then get iTunes Match. iTunes Match users get iTunes Radio ad-free, so instead of hearing the occasional ad on iTunes Radio, iTunes Match makes your listening completely ad-free. iTunes Match costs $24.99 for a year.


4. Search for artists, songs, or genres, and iTunes Radio will instantly build a station around your choice.

5. Tag your music.

6. Tunes Radio makes it easy to get songs out of your head and into your library. Just check your History for a list of everything you’ve heard or added to your Wish List.


7. You can listen to iTunes Radio on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, and Apple TV. All your stations and your History are stored in iCloud, so if you stop playing a station on one device, you can pick it up on another — no syncing required.

8. iTunes Radio is available only in the U.S.


9. Edit on the fly. Add music to your stations, build new ones, and adjust the mix while you listen.

10. Start a station. Choose an artist, song, or genre to kick off an all‑new station.


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