How To Increase AT&T 4G LTE Download Speed On iPhone 5

This hack enables you to increase your 4G LTE Speeds of your iPhone 5 running on AT&T’s network. No Jailbreak is required and you can always revert back to the original carrier settings. Yes this will work on AT&T & on any Go-Phone Data Plan. Get the required file via the download link below to begin! This hack has been possible thanks to PhoneRebel.

iPhone 5 Users:

1. Plug your iPhone 5 into iTunes and backup the device so you won’t lose anything, just in case.

2. Download the hacked carrier update here:

3. Once downloaded, go ahead and enable iTunes to accept custom carrier bundles, if it’s not already.

3.1 Windows users, you will need to open command prompt and type the following and enter it in:

64 bit: cd C:Program Files (x86)iTunes then type: iTunes.exe/setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

32 bit: cd C:Program FilesiTunes then type: iTunes.exe/setPrefInt carrier-testing 1


3.2 Mac users you will need to open terminal and type the following and enter it in:

Mac: defaults write carrier-testing -bool true


4. After this has successfully been entered in, click on the tab for your iPhone 5 and click “Update” or “Check For Update” while holding down the Alt/Option key for Mac users and the Shift key for Windows users. Navigate to where you downloaded the hacked carrier update file, which will be named “ATT_US_iPhone_14.1.ipcc” then select it and click Open. Now restart your device and enjoy faster speeds.

5. If you encounter any problems or wish to revert back just follow the “Revert” guide below.

original-1 original


How To Revert Back:

Navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings and allow the device to reboot into iTunes then choose the Restore From Backup option in iTunes. That’s all.


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