iOS 7 Beta 4 Released For Developers – Full Changelog Inside

Cody over at iDownload Blog has put up a very through post regarding the latest iOS 7 Beta 4 release and has run down most of the changes. If you are a developer then you know iOS 7 is the biggest change for you at present and if you lag behind you may lose precious customers. So sit back and go through the change log below. For a complete list and a cool video demonstration check out Cody’s post here.


  • Lock screen UI tweaked, no longer has confusing up arrow
  • New ‘Completed Uploads’ option in Notification Center
  • In Messages, it now only shows the first letter of the last name of the person you’re chatting with
  • HDR On/Off button relocated in Camera app
  • You can now swipe between Today-All-Missed views in Notification Center
  • New AirPlay icons
  • Apple now asks if you want to “Help Improve Maps” when you first launch Maps app
  • New “Improve Maps” opt-in program in Privacy section of Settings
  • Tweaked icons
  • Saved Passwords for Safari now ask you want to setup an on-device password
  • Pin in Maps app now shows estimated driving time to location
  • New ‘Dial Assist’ feature in Phone app
  • Filters now available in Camera app for iPhone 4S
  • New Q&A section in Siri’s info sheet
  • New iPad resolution toggle when running iPhone apps
  • Redesigned Bookmarks, Reading List and Shared Links icons in Safari app
  • New ‘Play Explicit Tracks’ option in iTunes Radio
  • New ‘Siri has a new voice’ notification
  • You can now swipe down in Siri to see previous activity, even after exiting and reopening

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