Samsung Link – Take Your Content Anywhere

Enjoy your contents anytime, anywhere, on any device. You can easily open contents stored on another device or storage location, or transfer them between devices. Watch a movie stored in another device without cables!




1. Take your contents anywhere
Do you want to transfer your favorite music files to your new mobile device, but you are tired of wire cables and USB drives? With Samsung Link, it’s simple. Just move / copy / delete your content across devices.



2. Watch videos across multiple devices
Do you want to play contents from your remote devices on your big screen TV? With Samsung Link, you can. Share photos/music/videos across multiple devices using Samsung Link. It’s a world where we can play content from smart devices on any device, anytime, anywhere.



3. Save your photos automatically
Do you want to safely store all your holiday photos? With Samsung Link, pictures and videos from your smart phone and camera are automatically sent to your PC or storage.



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