Things You Need To Know Before Installing iOS 7 On Your iPhone

Apple’s newest operating system, iOS 7, is now in the hands of consumers across the world, and is receiving feedback from the company’s most important critics — the armchair ones. Plenty of folks rushed to get the update when it came out Wednesday. Users were definitely upset during Wednesday afternoon when Apple’s slammed servers kept some from getting access to the updates. For those who managed to get through the download process, there are plenty of little changes and tricks to discover — and plenty of things that seasoned Apple users will have to rethink.


New Features:

1. Control Center

  • Swipe Up from below screen to access this option.
  • Gives you access to key settings such as the option to enable WiFi, Bluetooth, and Apple’s Do Not Disturb feature.
  • You can do things like control your music, turn on your camera flash to act as a flashlight, or access the timer, calculator or camera.


2. Spotlight

  • Swipe down from any point on the main screen. (Just don’t go too high: swiping from the very top of the screen will still get you the notifications center.)


3. Privacy

  • Apple’s also made some changes to its privacy menu: location services, location-based iAds, diagnostics & usage and frequent locations.


4. Automatic App Updates


5. iTunes Radio (US Only)


6. Camera App Filters


7. New Safari


8. Airdrop (iPhone 5 only)


9. Dynamic Wallpapers


10. Siri Improvements


ios7-ota-update ios7-update-help
Having trouble getting the iOS 7 Update?

Well, try these helpful tips. Apple is struggling to cope with the load the update is putting on its servers. Frustrated iPhone and iPad users across the Internet are reporting error messages when they try to get Apple’s latest mobile OS. Apple has struggled to build a robust suite of cloud computing services. Many services have been plagued by slow performance, outages, and strange glitches.

So you shouldn’t loose heart as there is nothing wrong at your end. Make sure your iPhone is plugged into the wall, has about 50% battery. If you have completed the download and error pops up after verification, then just restart the device. Try, try again.

iOS 7 is great and works amazingly fast on both iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. Our verdict, get it today.


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