How BBM Service Works on iPhone / Android?

BBM finally opened doors for iPhone and Android users and has become an instant hit. It’s been the number one downloaded application with downloads exceeding 10 million/24 hrs. This makes it the most downloaded messaging app of all times. But the app has its critical share as well with some critics calling it too late, but from what we see , it’s going to be a game changer. We break it down for you on how BBM actually works and how secure is it. We got a hold of the following infographic from The Globe and Mail. Do tell us what you thing by leaving a comment below:





Levels of security during transmission of a BBM message:

1. Encryption key is stored in the user’s secure mailbox account.

2. Blackberry messages don’t have to be short, but short message service text messages (SMS), in the Latin alphabet, max out at 160 characters. For other alphabets, such as Chinese, the maximum SMS length is 70 characters.

3. Data sent to and from the smartphone is encrypted using the private key retrieved from the user’s mailbox.

4. Data remains encrypted in transit and is never decrypted outside of the firewall.

5. Instant messages can only be sent to someone if you know his or her PIN code.

6. Encrypted information travels securely to the smartphone where it is decrypted with the key stored there.

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