Download Source Code For iOS App Developers – DoodleKit

Developing apps can be a hard thing, but it is always a good starting point to see what others are doing and get inspired. If you want to start from scratch; check out our earlier posts on getting started with iOS development and building your first HTML App in 3 easy steps. We bring you the first of our many open source code posts to help you get started.

DoodleKit source code is our most popular one. This is a socially active drawing board app. It manages up to four users drawings on a single canvas, allowing doodlers to create and share content across their devices. A demo app, Doodle Party, is included in the repository. This is a drop-in framework that handles the drawing and p2p networking for you without any dependency on GameKit UI. In fact, we highly recommend that you avoid GameKit as much as possible.

To Download; Click here >>



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