How To Set Your Location For Siri

Using Siri on your iPhone 5s is amazing. Now with the iOS 7 update it got a male voice too. With many feature refinements, I now use it more often for location based reminders. With this I’m able to tell Siri to remind me to pick up flowers when I leave work. And that’s it. You can do the same but for doing so you need to make some changes. Follow the following tips to get your Siri going.

First create a new contact with all your information in it. Add your name, your home and work numbers and your home and work address.



Now go to Settings, tap on General, Siri. Tap on My info and select your contact.
That’s it. Now you’re good to go.


Bonus Tip:

In the contacts, add fields and update contacts with your relations, for e.g. father, mother, sister, brother, wife etc. When you’re done, ask Siri to Call Dad or message Mom 😉

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