Make Your First HTML iOS App in Xcode 5 – Part 1

Having an App for your business is great. It gives you the potential to expand and bring your business to millions of users worldwide or you can target a potential geographic area. It helps customers get involved and get connected. The easiest way would be to get hold of a developer for you and get him do the trick, but if you are familiar with a little coding in HTML you can get your app working in no time.






(this is how our final app will look like with an icon, slide sidebar menu and contact options)


For the sake of this tutorial we will build a simple app about a hair salon (if you want to have some other example do leave a comment below and we will have it up for you at a later date). But for things to get rolling you will need the following things:

1. A Mac (unfortunately you would have to buy one or borrow one from your friend.)

2. Sign up for Apple Developer Account*. (It’s free click here. *Not to be confused with iOS Developer Program which costs $99)

3. Install Xcode 5 (download it here.)


At this point we are good to go. I would recommend you to familiarize yourself with the Xcode interface (see the image below). As we will be building a HTML iOS App it will also be a good idea to check out a few html examples.



Video of the Final App UI and Icon:

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