10 BlackBerry Z30 Tips Of The Month – November 2013

To all our BlackBerry 10 readers, its time for the 10 tips of the month. Get the most out of your BB device and save time with these quick tips to boost productivity. Need more tips, then leave a comment below and we will get back to you. To catch our Z30 unboxing video click here. If you are looking for games then catch our post on Z30 gaming here. Follow us on twitter / facebook for more updates.


1. Did you give your smartphone a nickname? Make it yours by tapping Settings > About and setting a Device Name.

2. Want to sort contacts by Company or Last Name instead of First Name? Open Contacts, swipe down from the top & tap Settings.

3. To the hide the keyboard quickly, using two fingers swipe down or tap and hold the space key.

4. Share the web instantly by tapping the action menu in your Browser and selecting Share.

5. Customize your BlackBerry 10 Browser homepage by tapping the action menu, then tap Settings and select Display and Actions.

6. Change a contact picture quickly by tapping on their current picture in the Contacts app then selecting a another picture.

7. Sharing contacts couldn’t be easier. Highlight the Contact, tap Share then select which method you’d like to share them.

8. Quickly access your settings and connections from the Home screen by swiping down from the top of the screen.

9. Need to control which media you are sharing? Hop into Settings > Media Sharing and set your desired options.

10. Need to rename a Home screen folder? Open the folder and tap and hold the name then change it.

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