How To Extend iPhone 5s / iPad Air Battery Life

Is your iOS 7 ready iPhone 5s or iPad draining battery too fast? It doesn’t even last a day. Is this something you noticed after your iOS update? These were the questions that I was facing with my device. So, I googled around and got a few tricks up my sleeves. Thus, here’s a list of easy tips to extend your iPhone’s battery life. Most of the tips work really well and can extend the battery life of iPhone / iPad substantially. Taylor these up to your needs and feel the difference.



1. Lock the iPhone when not in use. (This reduces screen on time)



2. Disable Background App Updates

Settings > General > Background App Refresh > OFF



3. Turn off data when not required.



4. Disable Location Services

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Toggle OFF the one’s you don’t use



5. Quit Background Apps

Double-tap the Home button, swipe up on any app preview panel to quit it. (Maps, Sports Tracker etc.)



6. Turn Off Auto App Updates

Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads > Updates to OFF



7. Turn Off Motion and Parallax

Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion – ON



8. Don’t Use Dynamic Wallpaper

Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose Wallpaper > Stills > Pick anything that doesn’t move



9. Turn Off Frequent Locations

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations > OFF



10. Turn Down Display Brightness

Setting it around 1/4 of the way or less will have the best results. Having it at or near 100% will result in a very quickly draining battery.


11. Disable Bluetooth.


12. Turn off unnecessary Notifications, and don’t allow Push.


13. Use Fetch for Mail rather than Push.


14. Disable keyboard clicks.


15. Use a Car Charger when possible (while on navigation or listening to songs)


16. Stop searching for Wi-Fi


17. Disable Siri

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