Become A Pro – Top BBM Tips For iPhone / Android Users

BBM is the new social messaging sensation and we have put together a few tips to help you BBM like a Pro. Thanks to Ty for sharing these with us. For more tips click here.


5. Add a custom “status message”:

About to start a gaming session? Maybe you’re going on vacation? Let your BBM contacts know by creating a custom status message. (These are like status updates in facebook)



1. Open BBM and tap your profile picture in the top-left corner
2. Tap Status, followed by Add Status Message
3. Enter a status message, followed by tapping Save

To delete a custom status message, use the Edit option in the top-right corner.


4. Display contacts in Grid or List:

BBM contacts will appear in a grid layout by default, but you can optionally use a list layout. Here’s how:



1. Open BBM
2. Tap bbm-pin-3dot followed by Settings
3. Tap Contacts Layout and select Grid or List


3. Hide the keyboard action bar

The area of your screen used to display BBM chats might be small depending on your device and keyboard. Follow these steps:



1. Open BBM
2. Tap bbm-pin-3dot followed by Settings
3. Set the Show Action Bar With Keyboard switch to Off

To access the options contained on the action bar when it is hidden, tap anywhere within an active chat and the action bar options will appear along the bottom of your screen.




2. Create or join a BBM group

Plan events, track to-do lists, share pictures, and chat with up to 30 people in one group at the same time.

1. Open BBM and tap Groups
2. Tap bbm-pin-3dot and select Create New Group
3. Set a group image, name and description
4. Optionally set the Allow Members to Invite Others switch to Yes
5. Tap Save

After creating a BBM group, make sure you review the Group Settings to optionally select another administrator and control the ability for group members to invite others.




1. Hide particular updates

You can choose to hide updates from specific contacts so they no longer appear. To do this,

1. Tap bbm-3bar in the bottom-left corner.
2. Followed by tapping bbm-update Updates.
3. Within this screen, touch and hold a name and select bbm-hideupdate Hide Updates from the menu on the right.



To see updates from this contact again, tap bbm-pin-3dot followed by Settings and select Edit Blocked Contacts. Within this screen, tap Updates, touch and hold a contact, and select bbm-trash Remove.

*Bonus Tip – Turn off the BBM for Android Connected Icon

Using BBM on an Android device? You can turn off the BBM connected icon so it no longer appears on your home screen status bar.

1. Open BBM
2. Tap bbm-pin-3dot followed by Settings
3. Set the BBM Connected Icon switch to Off


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