Nokia Lumia 1020 – The OS Fails To Complement 41 MP Camera

1020 is a milestone where everything in the Nokia Lumia line up converges on excellence. It is the Jesus Phone when it comes to mobile photography. No other cell phone is even close to what 1020 camera has to offer. But is it all? We spent sometime with a Lumia 1020 to look beyond the realms of photography to see if it was really worth spending big bucks on a Windows Phone OS inside the Nokia brand, and the result was disappointing.




Operating system: Windows Phone 8
HERE location services: Free global HERE Maps and HERE Drive+; Free HERE Transit available in the Store
Display: 4.5″ AMOLED WXGA (1280×768), 2.5 D sculpted Corning Gorilla Glass 3, PureMotion HD+, ClearBlack, high brightness mode, sunlight readability, super sensitive touch, Nokia Glance Screen
Battery: 2000 mAh battery, wireless charging supported via cover
Processor: 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4
Main camera: PureView 41 MP with optical image stabilization, Resolution: 7712 x 5360. Includes Nokia Pro Camera. Xenon flash for still images, LED flash for video
Front facing camera: HD 1.2 MP wide angle
Memory: 2 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory; 7 GB free SkyDrive cloud storage




Nokia has been known for its innovative designs that catch on to become viral and the Lumia 1020 is no exception. It is beautifully carved into a single piece polycarbonate body, elegantly designed with a choice of vibrant colors. There is no doubt that its rock solid, beautiful and eye catching. The two things worth mentioning are; first the camera, which is slightly elevated, thus making it impossible for the device to lie flat on its back and second the amount of bezel, despite the huge design the screen is only 4.5″. Well, we hope to see some changes in the upcoming Lumia line up but on the whole the hardware is super awesome. the volume rocker keys and lock keys are placed strategically and the device is easy and handy to operate. The speakers are also amazing.




The device runs on the Windows Phone 8 OS. This will be the case for all Nokia devices now and by far is the most disappointing part of the Lumia family. Not only is the OS bland, its primitive, complex and confusing. It sure is different from what we have in the market but Microsoft has been unable to give it a push. There are limited Apps, literally no UI customization options, no gestures and inability to make action on the standby screen. With these flaws in mind Nokia has worked hard and made its own set of apps specially made for the windows platform. But this effort is not enough to persuade prospective mobile phone buyers in this ever competitive market with the likes of iOS, Android, BlackBerry and the new entrants viz. Jolla. Thus, be it a 41 MP device or not windows phone has to to a lot of work.




The PureView 41 MP with optical image stabilization is the best camera on a mobile device ever period. The MP vary when pictures are taken in different aspect ratios. Thus, the camera uses 7712 x 4352 pixels for 16:9 photos and videos, or 7136 x 5360 pixels for 4:3 photos and videos.



The ability to controls picture settings by the user is one of the best features of this device. Now you can manually change settings on your device camera, thus giving you controls as on a DSLR. This is a winning feature on this device. This enables you to actually see the picture change in the view finder while you configuring your settings. We loved the camera and are a huge fan. Following is a screenshot of what all setting you can change. This includes the white balance, iso, focus and more. The ability to take pictures in low light too is outstanding. All in all the camera on board can give many digital camera out in the market a run for their money.






The 2000 mAh battery is pretty standard. It needs to be plugged in in the evening after a regular day’s use and if you are taking pictures more often like say on a holiday then the battery can drain pretty fast. It also supports wireless charging via cover but I haven’t used these covers yet. On a whole, it really depends on how you use the device.




We would rate the device to be a 7.6 on a scale of 0 to 10. If you love taking pictures with your phone and have no trouble shelling out huge bucks then look no further as Lumia 1020 is just what you need, but if you can compromise a little on the camera and want a more reliable OS with huge gallery of apps to choose from with the ability to be more user friendly in a more affordable budget then you should seriously give this phone a pass.


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