Best Tweaks And Apps For Jailbreaked iPhone 5s / iPad Air

The iOS 7 was Jailbroken in time for the holidays, making the gift of iPhone / iPad even more popular. For those new to the Jailbreaking scene, its just a way to push your device to install apps for sources other than the app store and extending your device capabilities. A word of caution: do backup your device before you try. Click here for a complete guide on how to achieve this jailbreak. You can also join our forum for help.


Following is a list of tweaks that work best with iPhone 5s / iPad Air:

1. HiddenSettings7 – Enables hidden Springboard settings.



2. Lock Screen Tool – Customizes the lock screen slider text.



3. SwitchSpring – Adds several options to the app switcher.



4. MyWi 7 – Adds tethering capabilities.



5. Software Update Killer – Disables the iOS Software Update button and hides the app badge.
6. PandoraSkips – Allow unlimited skipping in Pandora


7. FlipControlCenter – customize the layout of the iOS 7 Control Center


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