BlackBerry CEO Should Think About Improving The Trade-Up Program

The current BB user base is made up of a huge segment of users still using the old OS version. The company has an invisible trade-up program which needs some serious overhauling. For the huge segment of BB users who are looking for an upgrade to the newer BB devices this holiday season, this could help save them some extra dollars. The program has huge drawbacks and if properly executed can definitely help seed the surplus pile of BB10’s to prospective new buyers before they diverge to other smartphones in the wild. BlackBerry should stop the firing game and start focusing on key issues.

The company announced a $4.4 billion 3rd quarter loss with the interim CEO breaking down the build-up  process into 4 key areas of Devices, Enterprise software, BlackBerry Messengerand QNX and machine-to-machine. We also saw a welcomed announcement of the company’s partnership with device manufacturer Foxconn, which will help design and manage all new BlackBerry devices going forward. BlackBerry will continue to design the software, which will be based on BlackBerry 10, while Foxconn will design the hardware.

This responded with the stock’s 15.5% surge. This all looks good and promising but it still does not address the issue of unsold inventory. The basic point of selling isn’t solved instead you are burdening the company with more inventory. Well, the guru’s sure have something in mind but at this position all I see are compromises and no deals. Work hard to get the product out  and not the cash.


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