Apple To Refund $32.5 Million In App Purchases By Minors

I had always wondered that how on earth are children able to buy apps or make in app purchases over at the App Store. I did some research and then got this interesting piece of info from my Apple store buddies. It turns out that entering your Apple ID password in the App Store opens a 15-minute window in which children can incur unlimited charges with no further action from the account holder. Wow! this seems amazing. So if you have seen some unauthorized payments in your statement, chances are your kids might just have done the trick? Well, god news is that you will get a refund.

Apple will refund consumers at least $32.5 million to settle a longstanding complaint that the technology company billed US consumers for charges incurred by children buying mobile apps without their parents consent. Under the terms of the settlement, announced on Wednesday by the US Federal Trade Commission, Apple also will be required to change its billing practices to ensure it obtains consent from consumers before charging for items sold in mobile apps.

How can you prevent this? well, try our trick and get your credit card details off the App store or sign out of the App store or get a prepaid card onto your ID. 😀

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