Can Google Glass Augment Reality In Surgery And Medicine

Google Glass has a frame similar to traditional glasses, but instead of lenses, there is a small glass block that sits above the right eye. On that glass is a computer screen that, with a simple voice command, allows users to pull up information as they would on any other computer. Attached to the front of the device is a camera that offers a point-of-view image and the ability to take both photos and videos while the device is worn.

Now add a feature of augmented reality to this and apply it to surgery. We earlier covered on how an iPad can be used in onco-surgery and now its time to raise the bar and bring Google Glass to the party. This will one day help doctors use voice commands on Google Glass to call up x-ray images, pathology reports or reference materials. They could collaborate live with colleagues via the internet. Adding the augmented reality layer, surgeons could make real-time decisions on the progress of the procedure, save time and cause less tissue damage which will in all benefit the patient in the long run and help reduce hospital cost. We see great potential in this product. Lets see if Google can make this happen.



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