What Is Facebook Paper?

Facebook is ready to launch an all new iOS app Monday, 3rd February which drastically overhauls how user experience to view status updates, photographs and videos posted by contacts. The app is called Facebook Paper and it allows you to navigate through your news feed item-by-item with the swipe of a finger. Images appear full-screen with accompanying captions overlaid, and users can pan from left to right simply by tilting their device. Any videos in your news feed also appear full-screen and play with captions overlaid in a similar way to images. At the bottom of each page are “like”, “comment” and “share” icons, but no other screen furniture is displayed.

The uncluttered app is more minimal than the main Facebook app for iPhone. Facebook product designer Mike Matas, speaking to The Verge, said: “You really want people to spend a little bit of time with it and appreciate that content. Almost like when you go to a museum and you spend a little bit of time with each thing.” Catch the video below for more info.




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