How To Get Unlimited US Roaming For $15 Per Month

Wind Mobile (Canada) will offer a $15 add-on starting this Monday, which gives users unlimited US roaming access free of roaming charges. Talk, text, and data are all included. It’s almost identical to T-Mobile’s un-carrier approach. This has raised again an heated debate to what the big three have to say for charging insanely high roaming fees not only outside of Canada but while traveling to different a province. As for us we want the switch.

“While wireless prices in the Canadian marketplace remain very high, we at Wind Mobile continue to challenge expectations and offer our customers real value” said Pietro Cordova, Wind CEO.

Wind is offering true high speed access to its customers. So long as they’re on an HSPA+ network that can handle it, Wind will let their customers enjoy the same level of service they enjoy back home.

Do you feel your carrier is charging unnecessarily high in roaming fees for a trip to US. Have your say and let us explore possible options with one being making the switch to wind :D. This is way cheaper than getting a prepaid in US (Believe us, we did the math.) Kudos Wind, we support you.

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