A Look Inside The Nokia Lumia Black Software Update

Lumia Black software update has started rolling out. When it becomes available on your device, you’ll receive a notification on your Lumia guiding you to download the software, which will update your phone with some useful enhancements. And after Lumia Black is installed you can download some great Nokia imaging and sharing apps. We checked out a few amazing new features for you. Read more about them below. To see if you get the update click here. As of today only Lumia 1020 on AT&T, Rogers & Telus get the Black Update in North American region.


1. Enhanced Glance Screen with notifications for missed calls, new texts and instant messages, unread emails and more.

2. New night-mode colors for the Glance Screen.

3. Ability to customize tones.

4. Close apps from the multitasking view.

5. Lock the screen from rotating.

6. Updated devices can download Nokia Camera, Nokia Storyteller and Nokia Beamer App.




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