Type Fast And Accurate With SwiftKey Note For iPhone

SwiftKey Note is the fastest way to take notes on iOS devices. Using prediction technology, it advances the keyboard by learning how you write to provide better autocorrect and smart next-word predictions. At first glance, you won’t notice any major changes to keyboard’s layout or design; it looks just like the stock iOS 7 model. But once you starting typing, you’ll see the difference.


It gets smarter the more you use it, and adapts with you over time. Connect your Evernote account to further personalize your keyboard predictions based on your notes archive. Track your typing stats in the settings and watch your productivity soar.


Though it doesn’t yet match the features found in SwiftKey’s Android keyboard, it does a fantastic job of predicting and correcting as you type, which makes taking notes faster and more efficient. It’s a must-have for anyone who uses Evernote for iOS, and those who wants a taste of SwiftKey’s awesome predictive keyboard.



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