Airtel Launches 2300 MHz 4G LTE In Bangalore At No Extra Cost

Airtel has become the first Indian carrier to offer 4G service on cell phones. The service has been launched in Bangalore and the plan is to take it to other cities soon. The 4G offering, which promises to enable you to watch high-definition video without buffering and download full-length movies on to your mobiles in about three minutes, will come at the same price as the 3G service.


“We expect more devices will soon come enabled for this band. China has just allocated 4G spectrum in the 2300 MHz band to its operators, so there should be a lot more manufacturing of such devices.”


Feb 14, 2014 by Srini Gopalan via Twitter


Only iPhone 5s and 5c support this band. In an another on-going round of spectrum allocations in India, 4G is also being allocated in the 1800 MHz band. But the actual offerings by operators on this band may take a while.



Airtel had previously launched 4G through dongles and modems in four cities. The company has close to 9.5 million 3G customers in India and with 4G being offered at the same price, there should be a large-scale shift once devices come equipped with the necessary band.

For Rs 1,500, a postpaid customer can upload/download 10 GB of data in 30 days. There are other offerings at lower prices. “4G speeds are 10-15 times more than 3G speeds,” Gopalan said. This is insanely cheap as people in US pay twice the more for one tenth the data per billing cycle.

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