How To Get iMessage To Work On iPhone / iPad

It’s great fun to own an iPhone. From being beautifully carved to the ability to enjoy a huge gallery of apps and games, its got it all. There’s one such thing that’s unique to iPhone and its iMessage. This service offers you to send free messages and pictures to anyone anywhere in the world with an iPhone for free. Here’s how to get it working.


1. First of all create an Apple ID if you already haven’t. This will come in handy when buying apps in the App Store. (click here to know how to make one)

2. Navigate to Settings >> Messages.

3. Tap the iMessage bubble green.

4. Now tap on Send & Receive.



5. Select your Apple ID and you’re done. (You can also use your cell phone number, but I prefer my Apple ID.)

6. Have fun sending iMessage’s around the world 😉




– iPhone automatically registers your phone number for use with iMessage.

– If your iMessage is not working then try resetting your network settings by navigating to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings


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