Sony Xperia SmartBand – What You Need To Know

Sony earlier at CES 2014 announced its wearable technology that would launch shortly. Now at MWC the SmartWear Experience was showcased and set ready for launch in over 60 countries from March 2014. SmartWear is a new user experience that makes life more fun and entertaining. It is built around three key pillars – “Lifelogging”, “Wearing Smart” and “Life tools”. There is no word on price yet but the technology sure looks promising. Here are a quick features:


1. Lifelog application – Communication and entertainment, staying on top of the things that matter to you.

2. Flexible style – Technology you can wear your way, and use your way too.

3. Life tools – Smart, subtle, intuitive notifications.

4. Open hardware and software ecosystem – matching external creativity with in-house prowess.

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