Toronto Police Wants Cellphones With “Kill Switch”

30,000+ cellphones have been reported stolen in Toronto alone in the last 10 years, with more reports coming in with each passing day. This was told to the media by Toronto police.  Chief Bill Blair expressed his concerns and pushed for the “kill switch” technology.

With “kill switch” technology, cellphone owners wouldn’t have to wait for a carrier to deactivate a phone after it is stolen. No jurisdiction in Canada has passed “kill switch” legislation. This could be a great piece of technology that would definitely ease our nerves as smartphones are becoming more empowered with banking and financial capabilities. Not to mention the value of personal data present on the device.

Last week some U.S. senators proposed a law that would require all smartphones to have a “kill switch” just days after lawmakers in California announced a similar bill for that state. It is being speculated that by the end of the year cellphones will start shipping with a “kill switch”. In the mean time iPhone users can check out our post on how to wipe out data and locate their stolen device by clicking here and Android users click here.

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