5 Amazing Facts About Samsung Galaxy S5 That Will Blow Your Mind

Samsung Unveiled the Galaxy S5 last month at the MWC in Barcelona. But to its surprise, the device did not receive rave reviews, rather being considered hot, it was just labelled warm at the most. This got us digging into the matter since why would a company invest so much in a flagship device that to the most is just not the next thing. Is Samsung out of creativity or the great minds hired by them are living altogether in another galaxy. We did our homework and got hold of 5 amazing features that Galaxy S5 has. Read about them below and be prepared to be blown away.


1. Heart Rate Monitor: The rear camera flash has a built-in heart rate monitor so you can check your pulse right from your phone.



2. Live HDR: The Galaxy S5 is also the first phone with live HDR preview, so you can see what the popular effect will do to your pic before you shoot it.


3. 4K Video: You can shoot video in 4K resolution.


4. Monochrome Mode: A Galaxy S5 can literally reduce its screen to black and white to save you battery. When the phone gets low on power, it drops into a monochrome power-saving mode, which doubles the remaining battery life.



5. IR Remote: You can use the Galaxy S5 as a remote, because it has an infrared blaster on the top.


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