Why You Should Not Buy Nokia X Android Smartphone

Nokia X Andorid powered smartphone announced at MWC has been launched in India. It has been priced at Rs 8,599 just between the Asha and Lumia smartphones. It serves as a bridging device, transforming the Asha experience to Windows Phone with the help of a heavily customized Android OS. But do the X series phones from the house of Nokia offer a true Android experience? We did our research and found better, cheaper and more productive Android alternatives for you to put your money on. Below is a list problems with encountered with the X series.

Bottom line: Nokia X = Fail




1. No Google Service

Nokia X is stripped of everything you usually associate with Android. There are no Google services like Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive and YouTube, and even the Google Play Store.


2. Absence of Google’s Play Store

Nokia X relies on third-party app stores means there are more chances of you downloading and installing a malware app.


3. Low-end Hardware

With a 1GHz dual-core processor, 512 MB RAM and 4GB storage, Nokia X phones will offer anything but a sub-par, sluggish user experience.


4. Better Value-For-Money Alternatives

Xolo Q800, Zen Ultrafone 701 HD or Micromax Canvas 2 and Lumia 520 are all alternatives within the same price range and better hardware features.


5. Poor Optics

Nokia X comes with a 3MP rear camera with fixed focus, no flash and no front facing camera. What’s the point of having Skype?


6. Uncertain Future & Software updates

With Microsoft in the driving seat we don’t see a future for these phones. It is also not clear if Nokia will offer regular software updates and bump up the version of Android.


With the above limitations, Nokia X is a desperate try to win back customers but the question that needs to be answered is, “Why would you buy a smartphone that delivers sub-par user experience?”

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