How To Automatically Delete Old Messages On Samsung #GalaxyS5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes equipped with an enhanced 16-megapixel camera and an impressive range of features that will take your pictures to the next level. Features like Fast Auto Focus, which captures moments in motion faster and in focus; and Selective Focus, which allows you to draw attention to what’s important by blurring out the background. The Message App has also received some amazing updates with the ability to automatically delete old messages. Following feature will automatically delete old messages once the limit is reached. Follow the steps below to get going. For more tips keep checking back or follow us on twitter and facebook.


1. Tap on Apps (on bottom right).



2. Touch Messages.



3. Touch the Menu icon. (three vertical dots on the top right)



4. Select Settings.



5. Touch Delete old messages.



6. Touch Text message limit.



7. Scroll to the desired message limit.



8. Touch OK.



9. The message limit has been changed.


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