How To Insert Battery Into Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 doesn’t skimp on battery power, with an expected 10 hours of web browsing and 12 hours of video playback on a single charge. When you’re on hour 11 of watching cat videos with no charger in site, the handsets new “ultra power-saving mode” will keep your handset purring along by making the screen black-and-white and turning off all the non-essential services on your phone. Now that you got your new device follow the instructions below to change / insert S5’s battery. For more tips keep checking back or follow us on twitter and facebook.


1. Using your thumb or finger, lift up the back cover using the small notch at the top-left of the phone.



2. Line up the gold contacts on the battery with the contacts on the phone. Insert the top part of the battery first, then push it into place.




3. Line up the battery cover hinge with the designated holes inside the phone, then push the cover down until it clicks into place.



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