All About Jolla Sailfish OS Update Number 5 (Paarlampi)

Jolla has released a new update for its Sailfish OS. Dubbed Paarlampi, the update 5 offers new features and fixes bugs. The smartphone finally supports MMS (Multimedia Messaging) and can receive mobile data and MMS settings over the air.




What’s new?

  • Two-way sync of Exchange contacts
  • Over-the-air (OTA) provisioning: Receive mobile data and MMS access point settings from your operator over-the-air
  • Share and receive pictures and contacts via MMS.
  • EXIF data is now stored in photos taken with camera.
  • Save GPS coordinates in captured photos [Settings->Apps->Camera]
  • Set default account to be used for sending emails [Settings->Apps->Email]
  • Swipe to close gesture available as a setting and disabled by default for new users [Settings->System->Shortcuts]
  • Visual interaction hints in events view, browser, camera, email, phone and messages apps
  • Keyboard sounds [Settings->System->Sounds and feedback->Touch screen tones]


The Paarlampi update also improves the Android Runtime fixing security vulnerabilities, bringing proper support for updating and uninstallation of Android apps, and for Android apps that use android camera apps directly instead of the camera API. It also supports sending SMS via Android apps and brings improved 2D/3D performance. The update also fixes the recently discovered OpenSSL “heartbleed” bug.


How to update?

If your Jolla is connected to WLAN network, an OS update notification should pop up shortly. If you just can’t wait, you can manually trigger an OS update check as follows:

  • Open Settings app Go to System Settings->About Product
  • Pull down the pulley menu and select ‘Check for update’
  • Once an OS update notification is received, tap on it and follow the instructions.

Do not reboot the device while the OS update installation is in progress. The process takes up to 10 minutes. During the update, the device screen might blank out. You can awaken the display by a short press on the power key to monitor the progress. When the upgrade has completed successfully, you will see the LED light up red before the device restarts.


Source: Together.Jolla

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