7 Must Know Secrets From Apple Vs Samsung Saga

The most powerful secrets in the mobile world are now guarded by Apple and Samsung lawyers but they too can’t keep the lid for long. To win requires some tough decisions and that’s where secrets get revealed, providing us with an insight into the tech giants’ most zealously guarded plans, predictions and peeves. Here are a few such secrets that came to light.




1. Holy War with Google:

You can’t fault Steve Jobs’s consistency; when he said he wanted to wage war against Google, he stuck to the message and made plans to act. In an email to his top staff, Jobs spoke of a “Holy War with Google,” which was the “primary reason for this top 100 meeting.”


2. Samsung has planned to dump Android for ages:

Samsung’s documents say it has been struggling to stay on top of Android updates and would rather use its own, proprietary OS.


3. Apple was jealous of Samsung’s marketing:

When the Wall Street Journal said Apple had lost its cool to Samsung, Phil Schiller emailed Apple’s ad agency to say: “We have a lot of work to do to turn this around.” The agency’s response “shocked” Schiller, who replied with an angry email and went on to praise Samsung’s Superbowl spot. “I can’t help but think ‘these guys are feeling it’,” he wrote. “That’s sad, because we have much better products.”


4. Android didn’t have touchscreens until first iPhone:

The Android Project Software Functional Requirements Document version 0.91 — July 6 2006 confirms what most of us had already guessed, “Touchscreens will not be supported.” Android, like the rest of the smartphone sector, suddenly got all touchy.


5. The Galaxy Tab was a massive flop:

Many of us were cynical about Samsung’s 2011 claim that it had sold 2 million Galaxy Tabs by the end of 2010, suspecting that by “sold” it meant sold to retailers, not to customers. The Galaxy Tab didn’t even outsell the Nook.


6. Apple wanted a magic wand to control Apple TV:

In the same email that talked about a holy war with Google, Steve Jobs bullet pointed the plans for the next Apple TV: “Where do we go from here?” he wrote. “Apps, browser, magic wand?”


7. Samsung follows iPhone rumours:

Samsung’s strategy plan for 2012 it described the “extremely real and urgent” threat of the then-unannounced iPhone 5. Need we say more.

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