5 Must Know Swipe Gestures On Your iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s contains visual changes aplenty, but it also includes gestures that users are going to want to take advantage of. Apple has introduced gestures to all iOS 7 ready devices that work throughout Apple’s own apps, and can be implemented by developers in their own apps. The gesture allows users to navigate with ease. Read on to discover what all you can do with the swipe of a finger and an iPhone 5s.


1. Delete a message in Mail


Simply swipe from right to left on messages in your inbox to quickly delete them.


2. Go back in Mail


To go back, swipe left to right from the edge of your screen.


3. Spotlight search


To open Spotlight search, swipe down from anywhere on the Home screen — such as the middle. Then type in what you’re looking for to quickly find it on your device.


4. Messages


View timestamps of your messages by touching and dragging message bubbles to the left.


5. Weather


View all your locations by pinching to see a collapsed view. To reorder locations, simply drag them where you want. Swipe from right to left on a location to delete it.

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