Alert: Snapchat Is Not Sexting-Safe

London cyber-crime officers say the latest “sexting” trend using Snapchat to send intimate images that are meant to vanish after the recipient opens them are not safe. Recent U.S. court ruling found, Snapchat (which was earlier hacked) is misleading its users because there are many ways for a recipient to save images before they vanish.


“Consumers can, for example, use third-party apps to log into the Snapchat service. Because the service’s deletion feature only functions in the official Snapchat app, recipients can use these widely available third-party apps to view and save snaps indefinitely,” the commission said in a news release.


Police who have seen teenagers devastated after having intimate pictures of themselves shared by once-trusted friends and peers say the best advice they have for teens on sexting is “just don’t do it.”

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