Is Android Silver The New Nexus?

Huh..! Android Silver..! What is it? With the rumors around we were also left with the same expression on our face. From what we know, Android Silver is a bit like a more advanced Nexus program, but instead of working with one manufacturer on one device, Google will work with multiple firms on multiple devices.


Google supposedly wants to help manufacturers to deliver a premium Android experience, so participating firms will get help from Google with their development and marketing costs, and their devices will get preferential treatment when it comes to software updates.




Why is that good for me?

It would mean a wider choice of high-end Android devices at reasonable prices, and those devices will be free from the bloatware, unwanted apps and over-the-top customisation that plague some firms’ handsets. That’s because participating firms will have to agree not to mess around with stock Android in much the same way Microsoft’s Signature programme banished bloatware from participating PCs.

It also means that you’ll be able to buy handsets without wondering if you’re getting the most up to date version of Android or whether the firm will bother supplying Android updates after a few months.


What’s in it for the manufacturers?

Money — as much as $1 billion of it. Companies that don’t have Samsung’s massive R&D and marketing budgets will be able to benefit from Google’s deep pockets.


Who is taking part?

LG and Motorola have been named as the most likely candidates for initial devices. Others are expected to follow.


When is it going to happen?

We don’t know.


Why is Google doing this?

Control. By limiting what manufacturers do with Android, Google can ensure consistency and quality across devices — something that isn’t always the case at the moment. That sounds sensible enough, but there’s another theory doing the rounds: Silver is anti-Samsung insurance.

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