How To Update Phone Software OTA On @Nokia X Android Smartphone [Video]

You can update your Nokia X phone wirelessly Over the Air (OTA). Before starting the update, make sure your phone has enough battery power and phone’s date and time are correct. Installing Software updates are safe and you settings, apps, photos, and text messages remain safe after update. However, it is also recommended that you create a backup before doing a software update. You can do that from Settings > Backup and reset > Create backup. This will create a backup of the phone settings and personal content to the memory card. Here’s how to download and install the updates.

  • Step 1. Your phone notifies you when an update is available for you. You can also check for updates by going to Settings > About Phone > System updates and tapping Check Now.
  • Step 2. To view and to install the updates, just tap the notification message, click Update and follow the instructions shown on your phone. You can install the update immediately, or postpone the update to a more convenient time.
  • Step 3. The update takes around 15-30 minutes, and you are not able to use your phone during the update installation. You may need to restart your phone to finish the installation.


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