How To Install #iOS8 Beta Without #Apple Developer Account / UDID

We got hold of this tip from our friends in Germany. You can experience the iOS 8 even if you are not a developer. However, before we go further, we would like to remind you that we take no responsibility if your phone gets bricked. Just follow the four steps below to experience the power of iOS 8 on your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch. If you are not a developer then please consider joining the Apple iOS developer program. As always beta’s can be buggy, so be prepared.


Step 1: Connect your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch with iTunes via USB.

Step 2: Restore your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch to iOS 7.1.1 via iTunes, then setup it as a new iPhone.

Step 3: Download iOS 8 Beta for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. (search Google for this)

Step 4: Now hold Shift (Windows) or Alt/Option (Mac) and left click on “Check for Updates” on iTunes, then select iOS 8 Beta which you downloaded on Step 3, wait for few minutes and enjoy iOS 8 Beta.


Please take a backup of your device before installing iOS 8.

Q: Will I be able to downgrade my device from iOS 8 Beta to iOS 7?
A: Yes. Just connect your iPhone / iPad with iTunes and hit the restore button, it will install latest iOS version on your device.

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