#Jolla #SailfishOS Update Brings 4G LTE, New Personalization, Google Contacts Two-way Sync & More!

Saapunki is the combined software update (update 6 + update 7) for Sailfish OS. It brings in many new and requested features for our dear users along with other improvements and bugfixes.


Whats new?

  1. 4G support for all users (requires 4G SIM) [Settings > System > Mobile network > Network mode = Prefer 4G]
  2. Facebook notifications sub-page in events view, where you can like and comment
  3. Folder support in app launcher area
  4. New accounts for popular calDAV providers: Yahoo!, MemoToo, Fruux, ownCloud (experimental)
  5. Two-way syncronization of Google contacts
  6. Support for uploading files in Browser (experimental)
  7. Switching between browser tabs remembers your last position and no longer reloads the tab content
  8. HTML5 Fullscreen support in Browser
  9. Personalize shortcuts on lockscreen pull-down menu [Settings > System > Shortcuts > Lock Screen]
  10. Support for additional bluetooth profiles: PBAP (phone book) and HID (input devices)
  11. Support for traditional and simplified Chinese Handwriting Recognition in virtual keyboard
  12. Additional settings for browser app [Settings > Apps > Browser > Privacy]
  13. Option to clear private data in browser
  14. “Do not track” option to inform sites that you do not wish to be tracked
  15. Quick scrolling feature enabled in Sailfish views
  16. SIM Application Toolkit support – enables access to SIM and network-specific add-on services from your operator (e.g. recharging prepaid credit, changing subscription and phone network setting etc depending on the operator)
  17. Quick access to SailfishOS updates [Settings >System >Sailfish OS updates]
  18. Includes a new setting for update checks (Manual / WLAN only / Always)
  19. The phone is now ICASA certified (South Africa) and labelled under Settings > About product

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