Must Have Accessories For #Tablet Owners During The #BackToSchool Sale In #Canada

How about adding some more power to it with accessories that will surely enhance your tablet experience! Check out our list of the ultimate accessories that are a must-buy to make your tablet even more useful, powerful and productive.


1. Bluetooth keyboards (C$ 30)*


You may change your keyboard in Android or use voice, but there’s no substitute for the real thing: a proper keyboard with keys that have sufficient travel. A wireless keyboard enables you to effortlessly type out long text while keeping the tablet propped up like a display. Start exploring your options here.


2. Tablet table mounts (C$ 23)*


A tablet table mount is a great way to keep a tablet at eye level while keeping the desk surface clutter free. Most mounts are device agnostic and they’ll work with any tablet and e-reader with screen sizes ranging from 6- to 12-inch.

There are a few kinds available: primarily, the gooseneck mount has a flexible arm while the fixed type has a few pivoting and rotating joints. If you prefer a standing desk, the mounts can also be attached to windows or other furniture with flat surfaces.


3. Wireless external drives (C$ 150)*


Many tablets have limited internal memory with no option to add more. However, you can add external wireless storage with devices built for the purpose. Seagate’s Wireless Plus series does the job. Get it here.


4. Tablet power bank (C$ 25)*


A power bank for a tablet usually has two USB ports and a much larger battery than usual (10,000mAh is a good option). The two USB ports typically have different outputs: 2amp for tablets and 1amp for phones.

Keep in mind that the large battery takes quite a while to charge — a set of LEDs will keep you informed about charge status.

While you can get several brands at very cheap rates, be sure to buy one with a warranty. Some of the brands you can consider are Just Mobile, Lapcare, Mi (Xiaomi) and Sony.


5. Portable Wi-Fi router (C$ 40)*


If you need internet connectivity on a Wi-Fi-only tablet while on the move, you could always create a hotspot from your smartphone (most Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and iOS phones support this now).

However, you may not want to do this in the interest of battery life and data rates (especially if multiple people need to access the same hotspot). In such a case, you can get a portable Wi-Fi router that either accepts a sim card or USB dongle to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. Some also have a built in battery that can create a hotspot for up to 4 hours at a time. Check out a few here.


6. SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive (C$ 36)*

Sandisk Ultra Dual Storage (8)_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0

This tiny USB drive is built specifically to take advantage of the USB host option that many Android tablets and smartphones have. On one end, it has a conventional male USB plug so that you can transfer data to and from a computer. At the other end is a microUSB plug that plugs right into the tablet.

SanDisk’s Dual USB Drive is designed so that only one side can be connected at a time (the sliding dust covers make it impossible to connect both sides). Essentially, it eliminates the need to use a USB host cable. You can use it to share files or as handy external storage. Get this little beast here.


*Prices may vary.

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